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At Repro-Lon we welcome any opportunity to provide custom-sized sheets or width-specified slit rolls.  From pallet bulk to a single sheet, we can efficiently meet customer demands while maintaining quality.

Virgin Sheet

We carry a variety of high-grade virgin resins from various suppliers as well as our own to manufacture pure high performance PTFE sheet.

Glass Filled PTFE Sheet

It starts with using hand-picked resins and extensive lab testing to ensure consistent filler content.  At Repro-Lon, we believe in using high grade American PTFE resins as a platform to formulate quality glass filled sheet.


PTFE alone is one of the most diverse and dependable plastics available.  PTFE is resistant to almost all chemicals, has very low coefficient friction as well as a wide tolerance of temperatures ranging from -328°F – 500°F.  Chemically etching PTFE enables it to adhere to several surfaces that would otherwise be impossible.  Etching PTFE creates the perfect application for bearing pads used in highway bridge systems, concrete & pipeline supports, slide plates, etc.

Industry Standards Lbs.
Skived PTFE Sheet  
1/64″   48″x48″ 3
1/32″   48″x48″ 6
1/16″   48″x48″ 12
3/32″   48″x48″ 18
1/8″   48″x48″ 24
3/16″   48″x48″ 36
1/4″   48″x48″ 48
1/16″   60″x60″ 18.70
1/8″   60″x60″ 37.50
3/16″   60″x60″ 56.25
1/4″   60″x60″ 75
Molded Sheet  
1/4″   48″x48″ 48
3/8″   48″x48″ 72
1/2″   48″x48″ 96
5/8″   48″x48″ 120
3/4″   48″x48″ 144
1″   48″x48″ 192

*Custom thicknesses available upon request.


*PTFE rolls come 48″ wide and in all standard thicknesses weighing on average 200 lbs.