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At Repro-lon, we welcome any opportunity to provide our blending services.  From  thousands  of  pounds to small samples, we can efficiently blend your desired compound while maintaining quality.

Virgin Resins

We carry a variety of high grade virgin  resins  from  various  suppliers  as  well  as  our  own.

High Quality Compounds

It starts with using hand-picked resins and extensive lab testing to find the perfect additives to enhance our  compounds.


PTFE alone is one of the most diverse and dependable plastics available. PTFE is resistant to almost all chemicals, has very low coefficient friction, as well as a wide tolerance of temperatures randing  from  -328F  to  500F.  Compounding  PTFE with  various  additives only enhances its properties thus  creating the perfect application for the end user.


  • Bronze
  • Carbons Fiber  Glass
  • Graphite
  • Molybdenum
  • Stainless  Steel  (316L)
  • Various  Pigments

The listed additives are the industry  standards.

  • We have the ability to  custom  blend  any  formulation to  suit  customer  needs.

At Repro-Lon we believe in using high  grade American PTFE resins as a platform to formulate quality  compounds.

Industry  Standards

60%  Virgin  PTFE,  40% Bronze

40%  Virgin  PTFE,  60% Bronze

75%  Virgin  PTFE,  25% Carbon

85%  Virgin  PTFE, 15% Fiber Glass

75% Virgin  PTFE, 25%  Fiber Glass

60% Virgin  PTFE, 40%  Fiber Glass

85% Virgin  PTFE, 15% Graphite

95%  Virgin  PTFE,    5% Molybdenum

50%  Virgin  PTFE,  50%  Stainless  Steel

Industry  Complex

75%  Virgin  PTFE.  23%  Carbon,  5% Graphite

80%  Virgin  PTFE,  15%  Fiber  Glass,  5%  Molybdenum

40%  Virgin  PTFE,  55%  Bronze, 5%  Molybdenum

84% Virgin PTFE, 15% Glass, 1% Pigments Meeting ASTM Standards

Repro-Lon’s  compounded PTFE  powders are tested in  house  by  our  lab  technicians to meet and surpass all ASTM standards under ASTM D4745-11A.


All Repro-Lon manufactured powders are packages in either fiber, or plastic drums with  poly bags.

All drums come standard  125  lbs. with certificate  of  analysis,  as will as SDS. Arrangements  can be made to package powders to customers desired weight to help streamline production.