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Reprolon Texas is a premier international source for Fluoropolymer materials. Our 54,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located in the heartland of Texas.

Established in 1992 , Reprolon manufactures reprocessed PTFE, PTFE lubricants, as well as PTFE filled compounds.

We buy scrap PTFE from manufacturers and brokers and recycle it back to a usable product. Repro-Lon Texas benefits our environment by taking other companies’ scrap materials and working them through our unique recycling process, thereby creating less landfill waste. Recycled PTFE is used as additives in grease and lubricants, and extruded into basic shapes for use in various applications. Repro-Lon Texas also offers the blending of low flow virgin PTFE powders with different compounds. We strive to provide our customers with a fairly priced product and timely delivery to meet their molding and maching needs.

Reprolon is owned by the Mattingly family with Joe Mattingly as president and his son Adam Mattingly serves as vice-president.